Established: 1996 – 97


  • G T Sampathkumar

  • M R Sampathkumar

  •       M R Sridhar


To uplift and bring the blind and physically handicapped students into the main stream On par with the normal students for progressive and a belts lively-hood and they became in-separable unit of the society. This Institution was started with 6 students. 3 were blind and 2 were physically challenged among them, and one was the mute child. All the students mentioned here were registered under (IED) and extended them educational fecilities.


"Prerana Trust for the Disabled at Mandya is running a free boarding hostel for the blind and physically challenged students. 24 were blind, 21 were speech and hearing impaired, 13 were with various physically challenged among them. All are given free education boarding’s hostel to stay and school uniforms and all other basic amenities with free of cost (under the Progressive Educational Training) with help of a generous donation by the public and other phylum Homopists and educationists with liberal donation. There is no helping hand from either a state government or central government or fund from any public sector agencies so far, some of the donators of mandya city are contributing liberally to conduct the festival functions in this hostel instead of it in their houses and cheers these blind and physically disabled students. These donators are playing an important role in bringing them on par with main stream. A special mention M C K S Trust Bangalore and donors of mandya city are the chief financial promoters.


In addition to the basic education, this Institution is having a future vision of starting Voccasional Training Courses, self employment and Production cum training institute and a special training programs to female children in sewing machine training, Nitting, Fashion Designing, Viewing, Recanning, Candal making etc., so that this institute is trying its best to bring make these students are well educated on par with other normal students and bring them to the main stream, for a better livelihood.


  • President
    R Ramaprasad

  • Vice-President

  • Secretary
    Rathanchand Dharival

  • Treasurer
    P R Radhakrishna

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    Govind G Patel

  • Members
    Smt, Shilpa Sudarshan

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Near water tank,
Swarnasandra, Mandya – 571402,
Karnataka state, India.